Advisor Agreement

This document is intended only for ADGM companies and may be suitable for companies incorporated in other common law jurisdictions. You should not use this Advisor Agreement if your company is incorporated onshore in the UAE.

An advisor can help guide your business through the initial startup phase and also during other significant milestones (e.g. product launches and crisis management). An Advisor Agreement documents the relationship between a company and its advisor. It covers both the commercial arrangement between the parties and the terms of any share option granted to the advisor as compensation.

ScaleUp’s Advisor Agreement document generator will produce the key terms a starting point for your company. You should contact your lawyer before finalising your Advisor Agreement, especially if your chosen advisor is an advisor to several other businesses.

If you’d like to know more, please see our Article I need help. What should I know about engaging an advisor?. You can find more information about your team, including employees and consultants on the STAFF my business page.


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