Convertible Loan Note

This document is intended only for ADGM companies and may be suitable for companies incorporated in other common law jurisdictions. You should not use this Convertible Loan Note if your company is incorporated onshore in the UAE.

A Convertible Loan Note is a debt instrument which converts to shares at a particular point in time. Convertible Loan Notes may have additional features, including valuation caps and/or discounts, to compensate the investor for the additional risks they are exposed to by investing in an early funding round.

ScaleUp’s Convertible Loan Note document generator will produce the key terms as a starting point for your company. You should contact your lawyer before finalising your Convertible Loan Note, especially if your company is incorporated outside ADGM. 

If you’d like to know more, please see What is a Convertible Loan Note?. You can find more information about financing your business on the FUND my business page.


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