Website Acceptable Use Policy

This document is intended only for ADGM companies and their websites. It may be suitable for companies incorporated in other common law jurisdictions.

A Website Acceptable Use Policy sets out the terms on which any users are permitted to use the features of your website. With the necessary drafting, it forms a legal agreement between your user and your business under which the user agrees to comply with those terms.

If users of your website can upload content, interact with other users or third parties or make comments within your website, it should have a Website Acceptable Use Policy. If your website doesn’t currently allow users to input information onto it, there is no harm in including some standard provisions relating to such user-input now.

ScaleUp’s Website Acceptable Use Policy document generator will produce the key terms as starting point for your company. You should contact your lawyer before finalising your Website Acceptable Use Policy.

If you’d like to know more, please see our Article I have a website. Do I need a Website Acceptable Use Policy?. You can find more information about other policies you may need for your website on the RUN my business page.


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