Website Cookies Policy

This document is intended only for ADGM companies and their websites. It may be suitable for companies incorporated in other common law jurisdictions.

A Website Cookies Policy will tell users if the website is serving cookies, explain what information is gathered through those cookies and how that data is used, and obtain the user’s consent to the use of those cookies. Even if there is no “cookie law” directly applicable to your business, your business can set itself apart from your competitors by following global best practice and showing respect for your users’ privacy.

ScaleUp’s Website Cookies Policy document generator will produce the key terms as starting point for your company. You should contact your lawyer before finalising your Website Cookies Policy.

If you’d like to know more, please see our Article I have a website. Do I need a Website Cookies Policy?. You can find more information about other policies you may need for your website on the RUN my business page.


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