Legal Glossary

Venture Capital

Capital invested in early stage companies which are expected to grow quickly in value. In Europe, Venture Capital is a type of Private Equity but in the US, Private Equity and Venture Capital are treated as separate investments.

Venture Capitalist

VC. An Investor which provides Venture Capital to an early stage company and receives an Equity interest in return. VCs often bring technical or other expertise to the company.


When title to an asset is transferred to another person. On ScaleUp, “Vesting” refers to the process by which rights to exercise an Option (e.g. ESOP) are released to the Option holder (e.g. the employee) in stages. The Options may be exercised at certain points over the agreed time frame or upon the occurrence of certain milestones. Investors, particularly VCs, see vesting as a way of ensuring that Founders have “skin in the game”.