Confidentiality Agreement (One Way)

This document is intended only for ADGM companies and may be suitable for companies incorporated in other common law jurisdictions.

A confidentiality agreement is a legal agreement entered into between parties which provides the party disclosing information with the ability to protect that information by restricting what the party receiving it can do with it.  This can include restricting who the information can be shared with, the purpose that the information can be used for and the period of time over which it can be used.

Confidentiality agreements can be one-way, where only one party is sharing information; or mutual, where both parties (or more than two parties) share information with the other(s).

This is the one-way form of Confidentiality Agreement.

ScaleUp’s Confidentiality Agreement (One Way) document generator will produce the key terms a starting point for your company. It is for use when one party shares information with another party but that second party does not share any of its own confidential information.

If you and your counterparty are both sharing confidential information with each other, you need a mutual Confidentiality Agreement. Click here to generate your Confidentiality Agreement (Mutual).

If you’d like to know more, please see our Article Confidentiality Agreements: what you need to know. You can find more information about confidentiality and confidentiality agreements on the PROTECT my business page.


Click here to generate your ScaleUp Confidentiality Agreement (One Way).